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Comprehensive Article from Weekly Standard – Columbia University, Slumlord

December 1, 2008

By: Jonathan Last, December 8, 2008


NYS Court Hearing Today –

October 16, 2008

The hearing was adjourned from October 16th to October 23rd.

Government Bad Faith

September 14, 2008

As we have reported, already two NYS courts have come down hard on the conflict of interest caused by the state hiring the same consultant as Columbia had already retained.  In other words, this firm, AKRF, which had already been under contract to Columbia to ADVOCATE ON ITS BEHALF was then hired by the state to perform the (theoretically unbaised) “blight study” – the necessary ingredient  before the ESDC can start condemnation proceedings. 

This unholy alliance only was found out by our attorneys, led by Norman Siegel, through our numerous (and costly) Freedom of Information Law requests. 

It is our belief that on the basis of this conflict alone, the courts should throw out the entire condemnation process. We may soon be asking the courts to do just this.

The ESDC Hearings – The Height of Cynicism

September 13, 2008

Two weeks ago the Empire State Development Corporation, (ESDC – the state agency that Columbia is “renting” to threaten condemnation), held the legally required hearings in West Harlem ostensibly to “hear the people”. There were four hearings over the course of two days. Believe it or not – not a single director of the corporation thought it important enough to come to the hearings. Not a single person. Not a single hearing. Furthermore, in all likelihood, we believe that the directors probably have never even bothered to come to Manhattanville to see for themselves the so-called “blight”.  They are hypocrites!.

Attorney Norman Siegel Letter to ESDC on Not Closing the Record

September 9, 2008