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We, the undersigned, object to the use of eminent domain in the Columbia University Expansion Plan.

First, Manhattanville is not a blighted community and Eminent Domain is not needed to stimulate economic development or to eliminate blight.

Second, The Columbia Plan has been developer driven and developed principally to benefit Columbia. The taking of private property and transfering it to Columbia, a private institution, is unconstitutional and illegal because it does not constitute a “public use” and is without a dominant public purpose.

Third, since Columbia now owns over 80% of the property in the affected area and will have control over 96% of the area, Eminent Domain is not necessary or appropriate to attain any legitimate public purpose in Manhattanville.

By signing our names below, we, individually and collectively, say NO to the use of Eminent Domain in the Columbia Expansion Plan in West Harlem/Manhattanville.


21 Responses to “Please Sign the Petition Now!”

  1. Mark Bolanger Says:

    Mark Bolanger

  2. Lara Jordan Says:

    Thursday september 18 2208

  3. Bill Dowling Says:

    NO, Columbia University. NO

  4. Janet Wolper Says:

    No to eminent domain being used to support Columbia expansion plan

  5. Shamsa Mangalji Says:

    Yes to expansion, No to UNETHICAL expansion

  6. Tom DeMott Says:

    There is a community in West Harlem and Columbia has chosen to bulldoze it. There is no polite way to say this. CU’s decision to expand in West Harlem is flat out racist. What has been profoundly gratifying in the Coalition to Preserve Community’s five year resistance to Columbia is the great diversity in those fighting back. We have a guy like Nick S – smeared by CU’s PR machine as the evil white interloper – actually being the guy who is standing up for everyone’s constitutional rights (yes, his own too), and against this eviction plan which will displace a minimum of 5000 black, Latino, and working class over the build out period. He is also defending the community against the environmental racism which rears its ugly head with Columbia’s plan for a bathtub foundation with a twist of biohazard lab #3’s. Thanks to Nick’s lawsuit, we have a fighting chance. Overcoming stereotypes is what NYC is all about, and preserving neighborhoods – yeah, that old time street stuff which makes any city grand – is what we intend to do as we fight against eminent domain abuse for NIck, for those tenants in the immediate expansion area facing eviction like Rob and Luisa, and for the rest of us in the surrounding community be we in regulated housing, public housing, private housing, regulated units in CU housing, co-ops, etc. WE WILL WIN THIS BATTLE. WE WILL STOP.COLUMBIA.ORG

  7. Lisa B.Jones Says:

    NO to displacement, “biohazard bathtubs” and the like..

  8. Thomas W. Smith Says:

    Eminent Domain and its use in conjunction with a blighted area as defined by the statues needs to be changed. If a governmental entity needs the land for the public good, ie. public school, police station, municipal building, jail, that is for the public good. Expanding a college which is not a state or governmental agency violates the intent of the law.

  9. Christopher Johnston Says:

    This is not only a violation of the intent of the law, but an unethical power grab by the politically connected. Individual properties rights anchor the foundation of this country and have driven incredible wealth creation for 2 centuries. It audacious and wrong of Columbia and gov’t to think they have a better way.

  10. Samantha Says:

    Columbia has gone too far. They must be stopped.

  11. Shel Horowitz Says:

    Eminent domain is supposed to be used by the government to achieve a higher public purpose–not for the benefit of private corporations, even those with an educational mission.
    Shel Horowitz, author of Principled Profit: Marketing That Puts People First and founder of the international Business Ethics Pledge campaign,

  12. Judith Moriarty Says:

    Eminent domain is supposed to be for the greater PUBLIC good…not for institutions of any type. Just as RLUIPA has given free-reign for churches to be above ALL laws and use property they buy up for ANY purpose no matter zoning, historic over-lay districts, health and safety, fair housing regs, group home licensing, and even business law, eminent domain laws need to be revised and reviewed on a regular basis to always return to the original intent. When private/religious interests trump the PUBLIC good, the public always loses. No one could ever accuse me of being anti-education but sometimes common sense must prevail even within academia. GOOD LUCK in this endeavor.

  13. Debbie Szarka Says:

    Eminent Domain is not intended to benefit private developers or Universities with a voracious appetite for expansion. Enough is enough. Say no to Columbia’s bid for eminent domain.

  14. James Thomas Says:

    If Eminent domain is supposed to be used by the government to achieve a higher public purpose–not for the benefit of private corporations, even those with an educational mission, then it is obvious that your quest is justified. I hereby endorse your petition. On behalf of all freedom loving people, thanks for fighting against corporate tyranny.

  15. Amy Graves Says:

    Wonderful way to get the word out! I wish you and your neighborhood to stay peafully where you are. Good luck! You got me from Twitter… just so you know that it is working…

  16. char & casey Says:

    Greedy bastards.

  17. DJ Yuri G Says:

    would love to interview you for my radio show. Drop me a line and let’s hook this up.

  18. Rhoda Ozen Says:

    Eminent domain is another way the Occupant at 1600 can take from the ones that have staked a claim and give the property to a slumlord so the municipality can gain more taxes.
    Peace, man. Thanks for this very important issue that you’ve brought to light.

  19. Laureen Puig-Diaz Says:

    “The three great rights are so bound together as to be essentially one right. To give a man his life,
    but deny him his liberty, is to take from him all that makes his life worth living. To give him his liberty,
    but take from him the property which is the fruit and badge of his liberty,
    is to still leave him a slave.”
    – George Sutherland, Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court, 1921.

  20. Joshua Peguero Says:

    i vote no against eminent domain. We were here when no one wanted to be apart of this community, now that its prospering they want to take it. they don’t care about the residents they just care about their own self glorification.


    Eminent Domain has long been misused. I suggest you contact Sean Hannity of Fox News who has been involved with the Kelo v. New London decision. In fact he had the home owner, Kelo, on his show just last night and said he would like to see Eminent Domain be constrained to its original intent.
    I say NO to Columbia. If they really need your property let them come up with a formula for pricing and wait until you decide to sell sometime in the future.

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